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Before vs After

Before vs After 

In my mind in thinking “damn my foot should be in my eye” but I just got to ankle today !!  But even tho I fantasize about all the cool tricks I wanna do , but doing more shows or just more transitions and or different entry ways during home training I could make what I can already do special, just opening my brain up To contortion choreography. It’s like dance but with bends and twist .... so focusing on what I can already do makes me learn more about the move ,breathing holding poses especially that’s I’m teaching myself ! I feel behind but “Behind who tho” 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️ like I’m in a class . I guess I mean people I watch but once again “I’m teaching myself” 

arm balancing 

front bending 

back bending 


Front /Back walk overs 

strength training

While still doing poling , making up choreography, learning how to dance with heels , and participating in  IG challenges