What is “CHAIROLOGY “? The study of Le chair , how to move , thread Thur , flip on and off , basically using the chair as the MAIN stage vs a prop 🎥 Chairology I was introduced to chair in 2015 and it looked more like a work out then dancing with only one con I saw a “Acro move “ so what I did was add my knowledge of dancing & sexually added with sick chair transitions from the floor to the chair which makes chair seem less and branding signature tricks!!! Throw lots of flexibility in with flow! And 💥 “Chairology “ I give chair lessons as well and my client “TULLY” has been w/me a yr and she has grown so much and has help me grow through choreography🎥 Tully

Power in purpose

Who is she??? I am who god say I am!!!! I was invited to a woman’s empowerment event and y’all know Juic3 has no wheels as of yet but GOD/Universe seen fit that I made this event Excited to see what all these woman of greatness have to say , business owners , church leaders and just woman In Purpose and some Shaday 😂😂but the lord says “come as you are” .... so say tuned!

9-5 vs Entrepreneurship

I can tell you the “PROS” and “CONS” to both side!!! Since entering the work force I’ve always worked for entrepreneurs now that I look back, people who started their business from the ground up. It’s what they all had in common. They want you to do ALL the work for little pay and they reap the benefits. I worked for hair companies being the ONLY licensed cosmetologist on staff . I was great For the up selling of customers to “Prove” my companies mission statement I had more knowledge then the mangers. Worked for makeup companies and pole companies all ending up the same way! Them wanted my skills set for little of nothing I get 30% of my worth while they take 70% . Not saying that these bus

2018 Vision Boards & Do they work

I’ve been doing vision board since 2014 busy I was a closet vision boarder & with shallow goals 😩! I always had goals and I’ve always asked myself “have I done all that I could do” especially when I was doing hair and makeup full time. 2016 In va after a year I decided to give this vision board thing a try and out In the open. I wrote down dream and goals and some I still see manifest and some are still on it way and how I knew this vision board thing REALLY WORKED if you believe! When my daughter said “Mommy look the houses 🏡 “ as I read off the thing I wanted •French doors in the kitchen •fire place•Split level staircase. my mother hung open and I poured into manifesting and God and the

2018 Outta Control Juic3

This was one of my favorite movies as a kid in the 80’s and the fashion!!! He make over scene was my favorite scene and I always wanted to walk in slow motion with the outfit on ..... and since I was on a 89’s kick I found this dress in my clothes ,cut it up since I’m always repurposing my clothes . My mother “Mama juic3” always come through with the shoes and thought high tight s🙏🏾and I made another  80’s inspired juic3 flick🎥🎬 Outta control juic3 🎬Outta control Juic3

Flash dance inspired update!!

Dec 19 I dropped my flag fance inspired video ! “day juic3 girl” took me 5 hrs hours to film with a 🎥camera 📲phone ,lots of scene a few angles later ...we have LE VIDEO🎬 Dat juic3 Girl This is before vs afternin my basement A still  shot from the video 💯🎬 DAT JUIC3 GIRL

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