Branding yourself

How sway?? Is the question we all come to face when creating a branding or building a business.  Being in business for a whole yr  🎉 I learned a lot and still learning but I have a “CLEAR” message and vision for MY business. What you don’t want is people putting their views of what they think you should be doing and now it’s become what you want. Failing is not a option when u taking the time to grow and water your business , NO IT WONT BE EASY you will probably want to quit and go back to that 9-5. My first words of advice is “BRAND” yourself establish who u are and believe it . Once you become that brand you have reach step one ☝️.!  #branded Congrats you found who you are #JUIC3


So this is what people think when you leave or don’t post on social media !! 😂😩it’s funny but it’s sad and even I said “OMG you don’t have IG, or FB? When once upon a time I didn’t have them🧐Oh how we forget🤔. I go crazy when people ask “you don’t have snap chat” or w.e is the lastest app . Once IG added a snap like addition it was no need for me to have snap. I love social networking but when u tell all of your followers to “FOLLOW “ you and all you platforms  which is awesome but came be triedsome once u pass 3 😞. Contest be like ... repost my post , then tag 5 ppl then follow me on fb and  twitter then tweet me then make a You tube video post it then repost on your IG then tag 10 mor

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