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Getting there vs Understanding

I’m learning “Getting There” vs “Understanding “ are two different roads. When I started flexibly I just WANTED things not learning or knowing reason for ways the body may or may not be able to do something. Year one was a lot of focusing on the right side and just trying to pull or bend or even a pose. 

2017 after doing this forearm stand for 1yr

Me now working on feet to head !! This before was hard to breath ,hold ,move so I can do it all holding it longer each time but once you move both legs then more new muscle need to help. I focus heavily on my lower back now upper!!! Which would help me get lower. So I have no problem going backwards or even slowing down to UNDERSTAND  how my body needs to work and safely bending. Learning how to pushing Into my shoulders more and upper back help all poses and me bend easier and yes it me take me of my balance but I’m getting stronger doing so ....