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Business plan or nah

I had a business plan before I started my business but what does a business Plan intel 🤔

When I wrote my 1st one , and I say 1st one becuase i worte several due to gaining more knowledge on how to properly format a business plan let along writing one. I won’t lie I’m still not sure in how to right the perfect PLAN for your business but reading books and seeing samples has made writing one and formatting it easier then day 1.

What your mission statement , what is your company’s overview , legal titles your company’s works under . Your business Strategy and how you tend to  implement these idea for growth and revenue. Last but not lease your                    “ Competition/Competitor “ !!! Who’s in your area , are they selling or giving the same service as you and if so what do you do differently then your competitors that would attract new customer to your business . What service do you offer that nobody does which you can use as your “USP” Unique selling point !  To bring more customer and also to retain client retention.  FUNDING why should someone invest In Your business ? And  when  can see a return on their investment and how your plan to do so in a timely manner . 

So even if it starts off with 7 sentence with no table of content like I did keep writing and revamping it . Now a year latter and 4 - 5 version later I have a table of content and 16 pages . Not perfect just doing ! Write thing down and they will become real ...