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9-5 vs Entrepreneurship

I can tell you the “PROS” and “CONS” to both side!!! Since entering the work force I’ve always worked for entrepreneurs now that I look back, people who started their business from the ground up. It’s what they all had in common. They want you to do ALL the work for little pay and they reap the benefits. I worked for hair companies being the ONLY licensed cosmetologist on staff . I was great For the up selling of customers to “Prove” my companies mission statement I had more knowledge then the mangers. Worked for makeup companies and pole companies all ending up the same way! Them wanted my skills set for little of nothing I get 30% of my worth while they take 70% . Not saying that these business owner didn’t know anything clearly they have staff and been up and running before I got hired. I mean how it’s ran how the employees are treated especially the ones if they knew their worth would dust them as competition. So I left and open my own salon with two other ladies from cosmetology school and it was awesome even though we weren’t supposed to supply booth paying stylist with supplies it was a lesson learned but I wasn’t mad I had a Beauty supply in my house . After we closed due to the people we rented from wasn’t forth coming with information I tried to work for other salons I was meet with side eye and shade . So 2016 I decided to give this whole “Entrepreneurship “ another try and bring FULLY invested in this like this is who I pay my bills it will make or break you! November of 2016 I left my job tired of being used once again for my skill I built and Nourish myself. I created “JUST JUIC3 “ cuz literally it’s just me!!! I had no client I didn’t care I was just on a new journey. First I got lots of “I wanna work with you” “how much “ you know the regular but nobody serious then I got my 1st client and then another one then another one soon my schedule was booked each day of the week! From nov 2016 -June 2016 I was booked and busy traveling and doing workshop some were fails some were so dope I forgot about the fails . Then mid June a shift happen and one by one I lost clients and my book and busy schedule became empty and I looked around I was barely holding on to two clients then the other shoe dropped she canceled her membership with Juic3 and that left me with one client. So if you don’t know I do hair ,makeup ,fitness (pole ,contortion, chair ,hoop) dancer ,choreographer, creative director,yeah I do a lot . You think well sis do some hair??? I’ve been doing hair since I was 17 I loved that chapter of my life and I can say people don’t want to pay salon prices in their home even though the service is coming to them but anyways..... so I’m left with one client and I’m asking the universe,god ,the Person who told me to start my own business “WTF”!!!! I’m branding , putting myself out there I’m posting on social networks , I’m emailing , selling myself but the one thing is lacking is MONEY! watching my other peers I’ve work with I’ve seen them create and expand their business each year and they have a following and not on IG or FB i mean in the r real world and it awesome and I’m so inspired but I’m over here stuck like HOW! I read up on business and study and do the social network thing , my car is down so I walk every and In Dumfries va there aren’t any sidewalks so I dead ass be on the side of a highway so as I can see I’m literally stuck! Its 10 days into 2018 and I’m looking around ,outside myself inside myself to understand what I’m suppose to be doing. Do I hang up on my “just Juic3” dream because bills are coming and 1 client won’t even cover rent do I hit these street and look for a 9-5 which I do at time BUT how will I get there ?? So when I say I’m caught between a rock and a hard place nooooo I’m under that rock a few of them and I’m trying to lift them off of my abs lift my spirits and inspire people to love their dream but mines looking like a nightmare! So here it is.... my truth Pro- you get 100% of the profit, you run everything , your set hours , you call the shots , you learn how business works , you learn how to run a company Con- no customer no pay , nothing is guaranteed, your the street team ,PR, you have to learn everything, everything is on you . So as i sit I’m my bed “BLOGGING “ I ask do you still want to be an entrepreneur, question life ,where money will come from . Give up go back to 9-5 because you can’t do both! As I watch my 50 + year old mother walk on the side of the highway daily to go to a job where they use her leave her to run a whole kitchen then cut hrs or take her off the schedule when they hourly goals are meet I get more confused. She does it for me so I can be a entrepreneur she works herself tired so that I can pour 100% of myself into “Just Juic3 “ and be great so as I’m “stuck between a rock and a hard place” I always preach “clam it “ “speak it into youse life” and I do daily BUT not seeing anything especially since june and it Jan and all you do is work work work work work it like maybe it’s ME! You can talk to non-business owner because they will say “sis just get a regular job” but I’m not a regular person but what they’re saying is “you dreaming to big ,you can’t do it “ but I can and I will even tho right now as I type this tears are coming down my face “DONT QUIT” .... 

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