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Your body is BAE

All one pose but I have to break it down into two part!! This Unicorn is Colleen Jolly (pole con-google her ) she’s helping me understand my body even more . Since training with her I have notice I have locked body parts. 🤔Locked? YESSSS like how you put a key in the door and it won’t turn it’s stuck, Tight .... yup !!! this is what it feels like when certain body parts are locked. Realizing that I’m over compensating for muscle’s  that I’ve never use and There like “IDK WHAT U WANT ME TO DO, YOU NEVER USED ME BEFORE HOW DO I WORK” so I’m treating my body like “BAE” learning everything there is to know so when I bendy I hear and feel her . I’ve gained more range in my hips “thank god” but I still have ways to go due to my “HIPS BEING HATERS” I worked for my back and breaking down my hips will make life amazing 😉 so my body is bae and bae and my body. Beside training it and treating her like a rag doll  REST & CARE and love and rub her down ! Are key well a form roller a peanut and a child is life but that’s another blog for another day 

Happy contorting 💦