Juic3 Visual's

"I am not just a pole dancer'

This is a 3 part portrait series about not having self limitations  and removing self doubt. Finding who you are and discovering your purpose and becoming the best version of yourself. One of my weapons of choice is pole dancing. I strip a women down of their insecurities and build them back up with self confidence

"Part 1" Juic3

"Part 2" more that meets the eye

"Part 3" My purpose

Cat Burglar  "Coming Soon"

This short film is about woman empowerment , when talking the fall isn't an option but taking your power back is the only way !

Vixen Visual 

This video is about being yourself 100%, vulnerability  and having a partner that understand & love every part of your personalities flaws and all


Animal Visual 

This concept was created for the animistic side of yourself. Took it to the jungle and added some contortionist style choreography 

Anointed Visual 

I created this for lovers in mind!! Showing up to your baes house with a trench coat and give him a twisted door way dance plus more...


Dat Juic3 Girl Inspiration -The 80's has always inspired me from the fashion to the dancing and Flash Dance has been apart of that dream so i recreated it JUIC3  flavor

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