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Lucy “JUIC3” McKinney has been dancing since the age of 4yr old, Taking Jazz, tap and African classes as a teen Juic3 joined various dance groups and while dancing on the streets and train stations of NYC where she grew up  juic3 landed on the popular teen show in the 2000's BET “Wild out Wednesday”. Juic3 continued to gain knowledge in street dance styles, After taking a break from dance to focus on motherhood Juic3 wanted to add more skills under her belt became a self taught aerialist at the age of 28 learning pole dancing , lyra and strap. Wanting to have more body control Juic3 began to learn something she dream of since she was a child Contortion. Growing her skills juic3 has trained under some of the best aerialist and contortionist in the DMV area. Wanting to get back into swing of things juic3 combine her love of pole with dance and started to find her niche in the world and created “Just Juic3 LLC” in 2016 where she Empowers Woman "Stripping them down of their insecurities and building them back up with confidence".  Juic3 pushed herself even more to  came back into the dance world with vengeance creating her signature style of chair dance called “Chairology” and added heels choreography along with hip hop and stunt work. Juic3 keeps her skills Sharpe by taking professional dance classes in various styles while working with up and coming artist as a lead dancer or choreographer for videos ,shows , skits even displaying her skill in a independent film in 2019.  JUIC3 has sold out workshops in NYC, ATL and the DMV area geared towards building confidence while dancing. JUIC3 knows the power of movement as she displays her skills through her performances for corporate event , art shows , concerts, performance art schools and circus Venus. Juic3 wants to grow as a student and teacher and performer so she can fully share her gifts with the world visually

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