Check out past workshops with JUIC3


Sweat Sexy With JUIC3

Floorology With JUIC3 in NYC /ATL


 JUIC3 will be returning with her sigunture work shop "Chairology" for the ladies and for couples. 'Floorology" and a new work shops in the mix!! Stay tuned for all things JUIC3  


To discuss having juic3's  host a workshop / Pole party at

your next event please contact  ' Juic3d@justjuic3.com  to stay current and up todate with Juic3 click "LE JUIC3"


NYC -Pearl Studio / ATL -Pole Con 


It's not just Floor it's FLOOROLOGY!! The ladies in NYC had an amazing time

with floorology and the ladies of ATL's POLE CON showed us just how

much fun they had. Want to check out whats all the fuse is about 


Just Juic3

Sweat Sexy is a women's empowerment event that promotes positive body image while learning floor work &pole as well as letting women know it's ok to sweat sexy

Sweat Sexy NYC

They have been juiced!¡ I'm so happy my babes came out to sweat sexy with me and left feeling awesom
Miss jessie's sponsorship swag bags
April lee "she's been juiced"
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