Want to get flexy but don't know where to start, well let juic3 bend you out of shape. Juic3 now offers 30 min session & 60 min session for  mobility and contortion style flexibility. Now don't let the word contortion scare you, This just means deeper stretching to lengthening & strengthening your muscle and building them to their maxims potential. Warm ups , drills and a mixture of active & static flexibility . Drills will be given to work on during the days we aren't in session. For price quote, availability & scheduling hit the button below and let's start your flexibility journey . All levels of flexibility are welcome. 




Sexy flexy  |Jamaica ,Queens NYC

Hosted a  workshop for Trieshfit for her dirty 30. Learned some sexy flexibility choreography, built some confidence and mixed it all together to become "JUIC3D"

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